NAPKIN DOODLE: Howdy Doodle Do!

Howdy Napkin SMALL

Napkins. Where would we doodlers be without ’em? What did ancient scribblers vent their brain drippings on before napkins were invented? Banana leaves? Random pieces of rock? A small mammal that happened to saunter by at the wrong time?

Maybe that’s what the Lascaux cave paintings really are. Just doodles. The actual, finished masterpieces -painted on a perfectly smooth, stretched deer hide- are lost to time. The were probably photorealistic paintings of Ogg and his clan, posing beside a downed mastodon, every detail rendered with amazing clarity. The cave paintings we are left with are just idle doodles created by the artist while he waited for the hunters to get their hair “just right”.


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2 Responses to “NAPKIN DOODLE: Howdy Doodle Do!”

  1. Maria Matthews Says:

    Just not doodlers use them, they come in handy for idea scribblers as well!

    • jaggedsmile Says:

      Oh, I agree wholeheartedly, Maria. In fact, I remember reading that the game Trivial Pursuit was initially designed on a bar napkin.

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