When a doodle goes unfinished


What was I going to draw little googly-eyed dude here reaching for, you might ask?

I HAVE NO IDEA. That’s the way my doodles go, usually. Just kind of thrown together. So I started this one and never had time to finish.

He could be reaching for a fish that’s flying by on a pedal-powered helicopter, for all I know. I’ll let you decide.

What do you think he’s reaching for?


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19 Responses to “When a doodle goes unfinished”

  1. Steve Lindsey Says:

    Uh, he’s reaching for his f’n T-Shirt?

  2. Jennifer Says:

    He’s desperately reaching for a way OUT OF YOUR mind.

  3. Jennifer Says:

    Grasping… hoping… GASPing for rescue from the CLIFFS OF INSANITY inside your head…

  4. jaggedsmile Says:

    Heeeey! That’s a double comment within the fifteen-minute time limit! Go to your room.

  5. victor Says:

    This reminded me of a “Roadrunner” episode…. he might have let go of an Acme brand Rocket… but too late.

  6. Robert Says:

    A nice tall, cold pint of Guinness.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    aw come on, that was for dramatic effect. Can’t you hear the orchestra playing dark and wildly in the background as you look at this doodle? The string section is violently strumming out measure after measure of anticipation… Oh wait, the JAWS music just took over. I guess he’s soon to be fish snack surprise.

  8. robtsou Says:

    Obviously he’s playing with an invisible yo-yo.

  9. Ricola Says:

    No, no, no, he’s reaching for the garlic loaf before Shannon gets to it.

  10. mari Says:

    He is not reaching anything, he is jumping out of his boat at Lake Lanier and suddenly realized there is not water

  11. Eric Says:

    As anyone can tell, the bug-eyed blind stupor on the face of the doodle, combined with the slightly pursed and pointed lips, reveals its mesmerized fixation on the object it is straining toward, while oblivious to the precipitous situation it’s life is in — all the while giving the viewer pause to ponder the world in which this doodle lives and the value of existing doodles everywhere thus, prompting the question of not “what is the doodle reaching for” but, “what is it not reaching for?” These are the stupendous, preposterous, simplistic, inane, yet genuine ramblings of doodlers minds all over the world, substantiating the reason for cryptic drawings and posts in all their myriad formers like: crop circles, cave paintings, Nazca lines, and Sunday Morning comics — that, though western in nature and style, find their origins in Eastern art forms such as manga and the later moving medium of anime. Consequently, the doodle, appears to be reaching back yet all the while the forward extension is only to steady it’s backward reaching arm, as it strains back for it origin and purpose — “what is the meaning of doodling?”

  12. erin Says:

    Why, the dastardly chain-smoking orangutan’s offered smoke, of course.

  13. Megan Says:

    He’s reaching for whatever fascinates cartoons…..Something shiny.Wait, ever seen Roger rabbit? Maybe hes trying to catch a ride on a bird to avoid being melted by the green acid cartoon dissolving stuff, the dip. Because he looks a little scared 🙂

  14. jaggedsmile Says:

    Eric obviously took his pedantic pill this morning 😉

  15. sandy Says:

    You’re holding it wrong. A quarter-turn counterclockwise, and it’s obvious he’s climbed a velcro wall in velcro shoes so he can change a lightbulb. (Duh!)

  16. beeveedee Says:

    (read in a Scottish brogue)…

    Och! He’s obviously tipping overrrr because of the weight of his huge heed!!!

    Now where did that axe-murderer go?????…..

  17. ebrown Says:

    Pedantic pill!? Why no my good friend, that was last night I posted and I had been watching Bugs Bunny reruns:

    “Eeeeeeh, watch me paste that pathetic palooka with a powerful, pachydermous, percussion pitch.”


  18. ebrown Says:

    Or for those of you into classic comics and cartoons, it could have been the ramblings of a “Rare Bit Dream” (ala Little Nemo)

  19. Fish on a Pedal Copter « Jaggedsmile Says:

    […] Jaggedsmile Doodles, Drawings and Other Such Stuff from the Mind of Jeff Gregory « When a doodle goes unfinished […]

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