A Sense of Direction… A Direction of Sense

This entire sketch sprang forth from the big guy’s nostril.

No, I’m not talking in the sense that Athena sprang forth from Zeus’ brow. I mean I started doodling his left nostril (an act which sounds much grosser than it really was) and it grew from there.

So, needless to say, I have no idea what the story is behind this scene. Once again, I must ask that you provide your own version of events. Where are they going? Why does the little furry fella get to ride in the backpack? And, is that little dog/centaur thingy wearing a hat or is his skull shaped like that?


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3 Responses to “A Sense of Direction… A Direction of Sense”

  1. David Wallace Says:

    There is something about this sketch that is simply brilliant. I just can’t put my finger on what it is. I love the expressions and the individuality of each character. The little gnat that the one in the backpack is eyeing even adds its own little part to the whole.

  2. alex Says:

    i love this. it should be a childrens book

  3. A Sense of Direction: Uneasy Acceptance Revisited | Dancing Upside Down Says:

    […] wonderful cartoon "A Sense of Direction…A Direction of Sense" at the start of this entry is by Jeff Gregory of Jagged Smile and is used with permission.  I […]

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