When Squirrels Go Bad (yeah…like THAT’S a stretch!)

As my friends know, I DESPISE squirrels.

Well, as if my feelings towards these nasty little vermin needed any prodding, I stumbled upon a video of a squirrel dropping the false pretense of “cute little acorn eater” and going full-blown, Wild Kingdom carnivore on a blue jay. (Due to the nature of the video and some language therein I won’t post a link, but it isn’t that hard to find the video in question on YouTube.)

Now, before anybody starts yacking about “he was only defending his nest”….nope, that argument doesn’t work. To kill the blue jay as an act of self-preservation is one thing, but the bushy-tailed rat EATS the blue jay! There’s even a follow-up video that shows what was left of the bird when ol’ Squirrelly McNutjob got finished chowing down.

So think about that the next time you’re tossing crackers to a squirrel in the park. He may be nibbling away on that saltine, but the whole time he’s doing that, he’s also scoping you out and thinking, “Mmmm-mmmm….fresh meat!”


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7 Responses to “When Squirrels Go Bad (yeah…like THAT’S a stretch!)”

  1. johnvano Says:

    so do squirrels have anything to do with our current economic crisis or to the desire of our government to make us a welfare state?

  2. jaggedsmile Says:


  3. vonholdt Says:

    nice squirrel, wait no mean squirrel, nice drawing!

  4. Laurel Says:

    We have a large pine tree outside our studio. There have been many separate incidents where the grey squirrel has, I’m sure of it, purposely aimed pine cone drops on us. Fortunately, we’ve managed to avoid any major hits, but these pine cones are 2 foot-long, spiked bombs. Afterwards, he (or she) chitters at us as if to say, “Let that be a lesson to you”. We had the studio first, but that does not seem to matter.

  5. C. Ruth Says:

    Hmmmmn… the face you’ve drawn is quite distinctive. Ex-boss? In-law perhaps?

  6. jaggedsmile Says:

    Ha! Not that I’m aware of….though you never know where your subconscious will take you.

    Most of my doodle faces are strictly from my imagination. Thanks for the compliment that it is distinctive and realistic, though.

  7. vodkabeforenoon Says:

    Whoever likes squirrels never had them in their backyard. Every squirrel I meet goes in attack mode by pelting stuff from the trees or they go running straight towards you. They are very territorial, the squirrels in our backyard thought the outdoor table was THEIRS. They crack their nuts on the table and by chance you walked by or decided to use the table they go straight after you. Once I put my new baby bunny in the yard. They right away began tossing twigs and nuts at the poor bunny. Then one of them leaped down and tried to bite her. Fortunately I was there to make sure they didn’t actually hurt her.

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