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Tiny-mouth Frank and his new neurosis

October 29, 2013

tinymouth frank SMALL


Red Astronauts, and Givin’ ’em what fer!

October 22, 2013

red astronaut SMALL


givin em what fer SMALL



More meeting doodles! I would say I don’t find meetings productive, but that would be a lie. I find them VERY productive… just maybe not in the way the person who called the meeting intended.

Doodlized Sweetness

April 25, 2013

Envelope doodle_SMILEY


It is indeed a sad day when even a sweet gesture from a friend is not impervious to doodles. This envelope contained some details for a freelance job I did for my friend Anne, and it fell victim to doodlification during my son’s basketball practice.

FRAGMENT: Gyyyyyrrooooshcope!

January 14, 2013

FRAGMENT-gyyyyyroshcopeEarly on in this blog (almost five years ago, actually), I mentioned my love for the tantalizing fragments of comic books I sometimes encountered as a child. Since that post, and due to the blessing of having a full-time job that keeps me too busy to do more than fragments, I have often found it entertaining to create individual panels or pages that are intentionally teasing but nebulous in their nature and direction, just for the fun little rabbit trails they lead me down.

The above panel being a case in point.

Who is this mysterious “he” who donated the piece of technology?  And what is the problem plaguing our heroes? And why will a gyroscopic device help? And do we really want to put our trust in a pig-like being who has no idea what a gyroscope even is???

Your guess is as good as mine.

Oh, the lovely creatures that inhabit my cranial terrarium…

April 29, 2010

There’s a LOT of people in there….and some ain’t too happy.

So good it makes my brain hurt!

April 28, 2010

Trade Loeffler’s web comic Zip and Li’l Bit is one of those beautiful treasures that makes my heart race. It is such an incredible, sweet, funny, playful, joyous body of work, and he has so perfectly captured the true essence of comic greats of the past, that I’m tempted to say everyone else should just quit trying. There are three stories so far- Upside Down Me, Sky Kayak, and now Captain’s Quest.

You HAVE to read it! But be warned, it is highly addictive.


June 17, 2009


And then one day it happened. In a single instant, all the doctors’ theories about the cause of Mel’s headaches were proven wrong.

When Ballpoint Pens Attack!

May 12, 2009


I think I’ll name him Grimbus. One, because he looks like a Grimbus; and two, because he snarled at me when I suggested the name Alphonso.

Pizzilla Attacks!

December 31, 2008


Once again, my doodle gland was stimulated by pizza. This time around, it was enhanced by a day of playing a new Godzilla video game with my son. Fortunately, the pizza was NOT monstrous, but actually quite tasty.

Aviatrix gets FLIPPED!

October 15, 2008

CafePress is running a contest for new art for the Flip Mono Digital Camcorder, and I thought “Hey, who doesn’t need a breast-plated, rocket-powered robot woman thingy on their pocket camcorder?”